The Traditions Of Great Britain

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The Traditions Of Great Britain Great Britain is a country of traditions. UK is the symbol of modern civilization and a long history. Historical areas of the Kingdom are very different, and this: Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In England, a large number of cultural heritage sites. It is home to London's rich nightlife, architectural monuments, shops, theatres, art galleries, museums and restaurants. The customs and traditions of great Britain The British are so proud to be so different from other Nations of the world. They still strictly adhere to such customs as the game of cricket or left-hand traffic. The British still, unlike the rest of Europe, measure the distance not by kilometers, but by miles. In their traditions, the British do not always adhere to logic. In village pubs, locals often play Darts and sometimes checkers or chess.The British are a cold-blooded people. Approval they Express the word "good" that may look a little stiff and pompous. They are not accustomed to show their feelings, but they are sociable people with a good sense of humor and love. Traditions and holidays of great Britain 1, 2 January the British celebrate New year.On 17 March in Ireland celebrate Valentine's Day. Patrick.The first day after Easter - Bright MondayHoly week - good Friday25 and 26 December celebrate ChristmasAlso days off are the last Monday in may or the first in June; the last Monday in August or the first Monday in September and the "Glorious twelfth of July".On holidays, almost all organizations do not work Unusual traditions of great Britain Interesting traditions of great Britain include such competitions as the ability to make a face, which is based on the ability to make ugly grimaces; running with rolling cheese. On this competition, which is held on the last Monday of may, come from everywhere. Cheese on the slope allowed down, and its participants catch up; dancing around the Maypole. Dancing around the tall pillar, which is decorated in advance with colorful ribbons and garlands; pearl king and Queen. It is one of London's working class charitable cultural traditions. Such traditions of great Britain and Russia are not similar at all. In Russia this is not.

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